Tall Thin Lamp for Den and Living Room

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Tall slim floor lamps are always in fashion. A tall thin lamp is able to stand proud in any awkward corner. It looks stylish in a cramped space while still managing to look elegant and well placed. These floor lamps provide useful task lighting for reading and for any task you’re working on.

Some of these lights are so tall and strong that they can offer the same lighting as a ceiling light. These tall slender floor lamps always come with a weighted base. Kids and dogs won’t be able to knock them over.

Skinny lamps for den or living room

The DGE Color Changing Corner Floor Lamp is extraordinary. You’ll have a tall thin floor lamp that becomes an instant talking point. In fact, what is unusual is that the light comes with a built-in microphone. You have your own private light show.

The floor lamp is amazing. You can use it as a traditional floor lamp, but it also has 16 million colors of color changing modes. It comes with remote control, with each lamp coming with a remote control and power button. There is also a dial on this tall thin lamp to choose any color you want as well as a brightness control.

Tall thin lamp with LED

Tall slim lamps like the Lithomy Floor Lamp blend in with all kinds of decor. Its remote and touch control make it an easy-going lamp. It works well in all kinds of rooms in your home but also at your office or anywhere you like. You choose the color you like to fit in with the setting and your reason for needing light.

The colors are cool white, natural white, natural warm and yellow warm. You control the lamp with ease, using the remote control unit. Users can set the brightness and color temperature as they like. You’ll be getting 50 000 hours of flicker free lighting. A tall thin lamp like this is easy to assemble. This good looking tall slim lamp stands at roughly 70 inches

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