Cheap Tall Lamps

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Every month people are having to look at all kinds of savings to stretch their budget- even looking for cheap tall lamps. Not only do they have to cut back on grocery items but they have to look at cheaper items when it comes to home décor as well.

Cheap tall floor lamps are great for supplementing the main light in a room . If you do your research you can pick up some cheap lamps for your dining room, living room or bedroom. If you’re decorating your home, be a savvy shopper. Cash in on some fantastic deals with great looking floor lamps.

Cheap tall lamps for living room

When it comes to cheap tall floor lamps, many people love simple elegance. They like what you get with the Globe Electric 67135 Delilah Torchiere floor lamp. When you compare a floor lamp like this against other lamps you realize what a bargain you’re getting.

Cheap tall standing lamps stand at 72 inches. They come with frosted plastic shade with the pole being in a black matte finish. With this lamp from the Globe Electric Store you get two lights in one. The lights come with separate switches. The lamp’s modern looks blend in well with a variety of interior designs. The 3-way dimmer switch allows you to choose from low, medium and high light settings.

Cheap tall lamps under $50 at Amazon

The Industrial Floor Lamp for the living room stands at 64 inches in height. It comes from the Iporovan Store. It has a sturdy metal base. This ensures the lamp doesn’t fall over With a black pole and metal cage shade, the lamp comes with a pull chain switch. It’s a lamp that slots into all kinds of décor.

A nice touch with these cheap tall lamps is that the green initiatED bulb comes as included. Not only are you getting a cheap lamp, but the LED bulb will ensure savings on your electricity bills.

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