Super Tall Outdoor Lanterns for Porch

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With tall porch lanterns you make evening garden parties glow with an enticing light. These tall outdoor lanterns for porch placement give you more outdoor living too as they light up your front porch and other parts of your home.

The best tall outdoor lanterns for porch use play an important role in brightening up an entryway in a welcoming way. You won’t have to look far to find some beautiful, unique lanterns to light up your entire porch.

Extra tall outdoor lanterns for porch

The Bright Zeal Store has brought out a pack of two vintage candle lanterns to lend great appeal to your porch. Tall lanterns for front porch like these beautiful lanterns, have glass panes. Behind the glass panes is a large LED bisque pillar candle. It looks like a real wax candle burning.

The advantage of a bisque color flameless LED candle is that they are smoke- and flame free. They’re so attractive with their black cross grids in a metallic coating. They are snapped up to use in bars and for restaurant tables. The lanterns with batteries come with a timer function and you can leave the lanterns on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours.

Extra tall outdoor lanterns for porch

The Glitzhome Farmhouse wood metal lanterns also come as a set of two. With these tall lanterns for porch, there is one larger lantern and one smaller one. Glitzhome does a great job offering decorative candle lanterns. You’ll find industrial style lanterns, these stylish farmhouse style lanterns and others.

The lanterns have quality hinges and they’re compatible with LED candles. The frame doesn’t have glass. With the knob top having a decorative loop, you can hang them on your porch or even from a tree. These tall porch lanterns have an attractive rustic look. They have reflective galvanized metal floors. The lamps make the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates quality décor items for the home.

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