Tall Nightstand Lamps

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You want beautiful tall nightstand lamps as they set the tone for a good night’s rest. You like them to provide you with a soft glow. Tall nightstand lamps have to provide light for you to read or to work at your computer while in bed.

Choosing the right height tall nightstand lamp is important. If you love to read in bed, you must be able to reach the light switch with ease. Select tall bedside reading lamps carefully. You want them to look beautiful in the bedroom décor you already have. Whether you want only one bedside lamp or you want two, they will provide light for you when your main light is off.

25 inch tall nightstand lamps

What beautiful bedside lamps are this attractive pair from the Ziisee store. They come complete with two USB charging ports each. The lamps stand at 25 inches in height. The store is a professional light fixture manufacturer. They have years of experience in providing stylish, creative bedside tall lamps.

The brushed nickel body of the lamps look like a giant salt and pepper set. On top of these are the elegant gray fabric lampshades. The lamps come with dimmable LED bulbs. The cord, socket and plug of this pair of lamps is UL listed. This means the lamps are recognized for their standard of safety.

Tall modern table lamps for bedroom

The Touch Control Table Lamps for bedroom from the Hamucd Store are beautiful. They look like something you might find in a honeymoon suite. These beautiful lamps are touch sensitive and they come with 3 levels of brightness. So tall bedside reading lamps like this come with modern features.

One of these is that you tap on the lamp base to get the level you want. The white lampshades sits on a crystal base and reach 26 inches in height. The lamps also have two USB charging ports. It means you can charge two electronic devices at the same time. These tall nightstand lamps come with LED Edison bulbs and the light they create and their looks create a romantic glow.

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