Gold Palm Leaf Floor Lamp

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Lamps and lights are broadly divided into three categories; utility lights, ambient lights and accent lights. Utility lights, as the name explains are used for bright light tasks.

But a light such as a gold palm leaf floor lamp is categorized as ambient lighting or more so perhaps as decorative lamps, where the lamp gives off soft atmospheric lighting that is not meant for heavy duty tasks such as reading, studying or knitting etc. but their shape and form is meant to be the main feature. These lamps are purely ornamental and sometimes heavily adorned. They are meant to act like showpieces and for decoration.

Metal gold palm leaf floor lamp

The Elegant Designs 3 Light Floor Lamp is such a product. This lamp has a torchier light at the top, along with two daughter lamps that fall on both sides. The lampshades are scalloped glass that is stained to a champagne shade.

The body of this gold palm leaf floor lamp is a dark rustic bronze, making the overall lamp seem heavy visually. This lamp is mainly for decorative purposes and does not have much utility. You can however, decide to install brighter bulbs if you want extra lighting. It has a rough finish that seems to pay homage to the weathering of materials.

Stunning floral-style floor lamps

Another lamp that is for vanity purposes only is the BAYCHEER Art Deco Floor Lamp. This lamp is inspired by a potted plant and takes the shape of a large pot with tall floral elements. The florals have lights inside of them and glow when switched on. This lamp is like a big scale dry flower arrangement. It can be placed in any space that needs a little color, and can be placed on a porch as well.


The structure of this gold palm leaf floor lamp variation is made of aluminum wires, and the florets are multi-colored, mostly in warm hues. If you’re looking for a minimum amount of light, with a large showpiece, this would be perfect for you. So make time to stop and smell the flowers, because the flowers are now indoors.

Gold floor lamp for nursery

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