Gold Floor Lamps

Any living or work space benefits from gold floor lamps. They give a dignified, peaceful atmosphere while delivering good light over a wide area. Gold lamps for office and lounge come in many styles: classic, mid-century, antique, modern, arched and Victorian. Choose a floor lamp made of gold for your own decor.

Beautiful Gold Floor Lamp for Nursery

Gold floor lamp for nursery

Your baby’s nursery needs a safe, tall lamp that sheds a soft, gentle light through a pale shade. Here are two lamps to choose from.

Gold Floor Lamp Under 50 Dollars

A Gold floor lamp under $

Yes, you can get a gold floor lamp for $50 or less. Have a look at these two affordable yet expensive-looking floor lamps under $50

Beautiful White and Gold Tripod Floor Lamp

White and gold tripod floor lamp

Here is the ideal white and gold tripod floor lamp – as well as a gentle alternative you might want to consider for your living room

Superior Gold and Pink Floor Lamp

Gold and pink floor lamp

Choose this exotic tasseled gold and pink floor lamp. Or maybe you prefer a blush pink task lamp? Look at them now!

Black and rose gold floor lamp

Black and rose gold floor lamp

Choose a rose gold and black arc lamp to add interest and style to any living space. Or perhaps you prefer this interesting variation?

Beautiful Green and Gold Floor Lamp

Green and gold floor lamp

Give a peaceful, intellectual air to a library or sitting room with one of these lovely green and gold floor lights.

Get a Gold Floor Lamp with 3 Lights

Gold floor lamp with 3 lights

Choose from an all-metal gold floor lamp with three light bulb and a 3-light uplighter. Have the flexibility of pointing your lights in various directions.

A Lovely Gold Freestanding Lamp for the Living Room

Gold freestanding lamp

Choose from a classic style standard lamp with a bubble stand and the multi-light sphere lamp to add gold to your living room.

Tall gold lamps for living room

Tall gold lamps for living room

Here are two lovely tall gold lamps to choose from – a Brightech model and a beautiful lamp from Decor Therapy.

Where to Find a Cheap Gold Floor Lamp

Cheap gold floor lamp

Looking for a budget gold floor lamp? Choose between a classic type and a three-light gold industrial model.