Few people realize how many dozens – maybe hundreds – floor lamp designs there are. Modern, mid century, modern, retro, art deco, industrial, vintage….. explore the beautiful world of floor lamp lighting.

Read the following articles to make sure you choose the right floor lamp

Ultimate Guide to IKEA Floor Lamps

Choose a Tripod Floor Lamp for These Good Reasons

Gorgeous Patio Floor Lamps for Outdoor Life

All About Standing Lamps for Home and Office

Best Ypperlig Lamp Review

The IKEA Ypperlig is an elegant arched floor lamp from the world’s leading manufacturer of affordable lighting and furniture solutions. Read this review…

Brightest Floor Lamps to Light a Room

Two lovely bright LED floor lamps that deliver strong light to the ceiling to bounce back and create a wonderful warm, bright pool of light in any room.

Useful Magnifying Floor Lamp

If you are an avid reader or crafter, you need a magnifying LED floor lamp – perhaps one that rolls around and with a gooseneck you can adjust…

Adorable Rose Gold Free Standing Lamp

Rose gold free standing lamp

Choose from a retro copper-colored lamp or the famous Brightech Montage rose gold lamp. Shop online now for these adorable lamps.

Stunning Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp

Video gaming room or den to decorate? Choose from these two dramatic RGB corner pole lamps that add an affordable LED light to any room.

Off the Wall Tall Pink Lamps

Choose a tall pink floor lamp for the nursery from these two models: and LED over hanging lamp and a cute shelved pink lamp.

Stunning Tall Salt Lamp

Here’s something completely different – a gorgeous, natural lamp made of Himalayan salt out of Pakistan. Stun your friends with this unique lamp.

Tall Standard Lamps

Here’s a lovely space-saving tall lamp for your living room that will deliver wonderfully bright life from a small footprint.

Floor Lamps for Bedroom – 2 Good Ideas

Floor lamps for bedroom

Floor lamps for bedroom use include these 2 unusual models. Choose between a modern dimmable lamp and an exotic Tiffany standard lamp.

Super Tall Bubble Lamp for People with Autism

A tall bubble lamp can make a huge difference to children with ADHD and people with autism. Choose from these two interesting and fun bubble lamps.