Few people realize how many dozens – maybe hundreds – floor lamp designs there are. Modern, mid century, modern, retro, art deco, industrial, vintage….. explore the beautiful world of floor lamp lighting.

Read the following articles to make sure you choose the right floor lamp

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Rose Gold Tripod Floor Lamps

Rose gold tripod floor lamps

A rose gold floor lamp is lovely for a nursery or bedroom. Look at these two pink-copper lamps. Choose your favorite.

Floor Lamp with 4 Lights

Choose a 4 light floor lamp so that your workroom or living room receives a wonderful, profound pool of light for work and play.

Floor Lamp with Lots of Light

Here is the floor lamp we recommend if you need lots of bright light for crafts, reading or anything else. Order yours from Amazon now…

Charming Pink and Gold Floor Lamp

Pink and gold floor lamp

A lovely strawberry pink fringed shade on a gold floor lamp – or a subtle pink and gold arc lamp. Which one will it be?

Great Cordless Floor Lamp Rechargeable

Choose between a dinky table top rechargeable cordless you can carry around, and one that stands on the floor and is easily movable.

Powerful Floor Lamps that Light Up a Room

You want a super-bright LED light to transform a dull, dark room into a lovely bright space? Choose from one of these two lovely models.

Elegant Gold Curved Floor Light

Gold curved floor light

Choose a beautiful curved floor light from my pick of the top two models now available at Amazon.

Striking Navy Blue and Gold Floor lamp

Navy blue and gold floor lamp

For something unusual and regal, go for blue and gold. Choose from these two super navy blue and gold standard lamp.

Stunning Saturn Floor Lamp Brightech

The Brightech Saturn features lovely rings. Check out this three-ring brass lamp that looks perfect in hallway, lounge, dining area, living room and office.

Super Bright Tech Floor Lamp

Choose from two popular Brightech LED floor lamps – a vertical brass model with two bubble lamps in two spheres – and an adjustable lamp for reading and crafts.